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Logan Ipsen, WLJ Fieldman

Aug 18, 2017
This issue of the Western Livestock Journal contains the annual Commercial Cattle Issue (CCI). Each summer, we publish this magazine just ahead of the fall bull and production sales and this year
Cattle and Beef Industry News
Feb 10, 2017
Initially, the number of entries for the bulls was higher than the normal average, but this winter hasn’t been easy on anything. Many bulls stayed home for various reasons, and nearly 100 head fewer went through the ring. The opening day of shows is the range—ready show, where loose bulls are shown and exhibited.
Dec 23, 2016
Over the last several weeks, the markets have rallied in favor of the cow/calf producer. Without question, this has lifted morale across the country for those who were holding onto inventory. Last
Livestock Industry Opinions
Oct 28, 2016
Many times a potential advertiser will call and not be able to, for whatever reason, identify what they’d like their ad to say. In most of these situations, I’ll ask general questions about their operation, what they’re trying to sell, and if they’ve seen ads in the past that they’ve liked or, more importantly, disliked.

Jun 17, 2016
Last week the Federal Reserve (Fed) decided not to raise interest rates amid unclear circumstances swirling around economic stability. The two major factors in this decision were a mixed May jobs report combined with Britain attempting to leave the European Union.

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