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Kerry Halladay, WLJ Managing Editor

Cattle and Beef Industry News
Nov 11, 2016
Fox was on hand last week as four young winners of a Denver-area beef education grant were presented with donated show calves. Four calves total—two Santa Gertrudis, one black Angus and one Red Angus—were donated by J5 Cattle, and Rocky Mountain Cattle Company, and the Cherokee Ranch of Sedalia, CO, which hosted the event.

Cattle and Beef Markets
Oct 14, 2016
Cash fed cattle trade got underway relatively early last week. On Thursday afternoon, over 83,000 head had been confirmed sold, half of it that day, but the other half of it on Tuesday and Wednesday. The apparent trend towards earlier trading and more distributed sale volumes might be a good thing, but the prices sure weren’t.

Cattle and Beef Markets
Oct 14, 2016
If you’re a market watcher, you’ve noticed the extreme drop-off in trim prices this year. A history-focused market watcher would additionally note today’s 50 percent lean trim prices are almost half of what they were when consumer panic over “pink slime”— properly called lean fine-textured beef—tanked that market in 2012.

Cattle and Beef Markets
Oct 7, 2016
Despite calls for a late-week trade in the cash fed cattle market, by Thursday afternoon over 62,000 head had been confirmed sold throughout the week. Prices were slightly lower than the prior week—$99-103 live and $157-160 dressed—which was in keeping with early-week expectations, but the speed at which the trade was accomplished was unexpected.

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