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Kerry Halladay, WLJ Managing Editor

Nov 14, 2014
You may have heard about the benefits of probiotics in health food stores or from your doctor. But the microorganisms that colonize the human gut aren’t the only ones that need some love. Cattle and their colonies of gut microbes also benefit from special attention.
Nov 7, 2014
This is the final week to submit comments on the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA’s) and the Army Corps of Engineers’ (Corps’) proposed Waters of the U.S. (WOTUS) re-definition. Assuming the deadline isn’t extended again, comments are due Friday, Nov.
Nov 3, 2014
When an environmental group gives a talk about the destruction of an ecosystem, the usual narrative paints figurative horns on grazing livestock. It is less common—and more than a little refreshing—when grazing livestock and ranchers instead get the proverbial halo of the potential hero.
Oct 27, 2014
The industry seems to be running a manic two-part market game. On the one hand, strength in the cash fed and feeder markets was striking last week, as were gains in both futures markets, yet at the same time there was continued information on declining and disappointing beef movement.
Oct 24, 2014
A recent report from Rabobank suggests the future of beef abroad will be Brazil. However, the country—already the world’s second largest beef producer and largest exporter—is not nearly as efficient as its fellow beef competitors. The answer will be American-style feedlots, fueled by the growing Brazilian grain industry.
Oct 20, 2014
Most things were up in the most recent World Agricultural Supply and Demand Estimates (WASDE) report, released in the afternoon on Oct. 10. For beef, the increased production estimated hinged mostly on increased carcass weights, but corn and soybean yield estimates were finally catching up with what analysts have been saying for months.

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