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Dr. Bob Hough, WLJ Contributor

Feb 24, 2012
Kris Ringwall had an excellent article in his monthly Beef Talk column titled “Cattle size is different than cow size.” In his article, he expresses that there can be huge differences in cattle size as well as variability in the shape of the body mass.
Dec 23, 2011
One can assume similar circumstances existed for most of Continental Europe. However, with the passing of the feudal system and the manors, and the shift to individual ownership, fields were enclosed and better methods of farming became possible.
Oct 24, 2011
We are q u i c k l y coming up on show season with Louisville in November and Denver after the first of the year. Many breeds have stubbornly held on to the show ring as their major points of selection while other more successful breeds have moved beyond this more traditional form of selection.
Jul 22, 2011
June is the time of the year when most breed associations run the second of their biannual genetic analyses, and although the expected progeny differences (EPDs) are released mid to late summer, the analysis is typically referred to as the fall run.
Jun 24, 2011
The recent Beef Improvement Fede r a t i o n (BIF) Conf e r e n c e held in Bozeman, MT, was a highlight for anyone interested in beef cattle genetics, efficiency and new technology. For background, beef production is the fourth largest U.S. manufacturing industry with $71 billion retail equivalent value in 2006 (www.