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D. "Bing" Bingham, Contributing Columnist

Livestock Industry Opinions
Mar 9, 2012
Before the sun was up, the old-timer had cut the stallion’s track on a wide circle. He followed and found the big bay snoozing in the rimrock as the sky was getting light. Working slowly and quietly, using juniper trees as cover, he and his ranch-tested filly tiptoed to within 400 yards of the stallion.
Livestock Industry Opinions
Jan 13, 2012
A while back, my wife and Fortunately the waitress I were invited to a friend’s was used to dealing with the Angora goat shearing. I was public—especially the ec- given the distinctive hon centric ones. Politely, she or—at least, that’s what explained that she’d marked they told me—of being the my drink with a chocolate designated mugger.
Cattle and Beef Industry News
Nov 11, 2011
Over the years, I’ve seen horsemen work with their horses, but never experienced it. A long time ago, I gave it a try from the ground up. I adopted a young colt from the Bureau of Land Management. He was born deep in the desert of the Great Basin and had likely never seen a human before the gathering.
Livestock Industry Opinions
Aug 12, 2011
She�s a little bit of a thing, doesn�t weigh as much as a big bag of dog food. This Aussie/Border Collie cross is short on cow skills, long on sheep, and her favorite thing in the world is an unruly hog. Ordinarily, I�d never think of her as a theft target�except for one thing� packrats.
Livestock Industry Opinions
Jun 17, 2011
For us, this has been a rugged winter. I know this because I have my tractor mechanic’s phone number memorized. This is not speed dial—we’re talking memorized and available at a moment’s notice. In my old age, I might forget my own phone number, but his is burned in my memory. One day, he and I were sipping coffee at a restaurant in town and discussing options for my aged backhoe.
Livestock Industry Opinions
May 15, 2010
It was a couple of days before Jeff fully understood he had shattered everything between the knee and ankle in his left leg, broken his collar bone and two ribs. However, the news which bothered him most was when the doctors didnt know how long hed be off his feeta tough situation on a mom n pop ranch.
Cattle Market & Farm Reports, Editorials
Jul 25, 2008
Dear WLJ Editor, This letter is in response to the ‘Guest Opinion’ appearing in the July 7, 2008, issue of the Western Livestock Journal stating "Split-state status still wrong for Montana cattle industry" by Steve Roth, president, Montana Stockgrowers Association. As a cattle producer in a state that was granted split-state status in its fight to eradicate bovine tuberculosis (TB) in its deer herd, I wholeheartedly agree with the position of the Montana Stockgrowers Association. Michigan has endured a tremendous economic cost and an endless managerial hardship associated with this disease for over 10 years and it is my opinion that having

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