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Mark Mendiola, WLJ Correspondent

Cattle Market & Farm Reports, Editorials
Jul 3, 2008
Can cattle be selected to reduce pinkeye incidence? Pinkeye has long been a costly nuisance to cattle producers. Eye infections sometimes lead to partial or complete blindness in one or both eyes. Reduced beef production in the form of lowered weight gain, milk production, body condition, and, eventually, even poorer reproduction can result from eye infections and lesions. One of the culprits that initiates and spreads eye problems between herds and among herdmates is "pinkeye," or more properly called Infectious Bovine Keratoconjnctivits (IBK). An excellent Oklahoma State University fact sheet about the prevention and treatment of "pinkeye" is available online at: http://pods.dasnr.okstate.edu/docushare/dsweb/Get/Document-2689/VTMD-9128web.pdf. Iowa

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