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Miranda Reiman, Certified Angus Beef

Livestock Industry Opinions
May 22, 2009
Stop trying to get maximum production. No more topping last years average daily gains. Enough with the peak efficiencies and quit angling for record marbling scores every time. Does that advice cause a pause? Reaching those goals takes years of focus, so it can be hard to let go, even if the long-term profitability of your farm or ranch depends on it.
Cattle Market & Farm Reports, Editorials
Jun 6, 2008
How can retained placenta problems be prevented? Since there are many causes of retained placenta, there is no simple answer. Some of the obvious answers include: (1) don’t allow cows to get too thin or too fat before calving, (2) reduce stress near calving as much as possible, (3) prevent exposure to pine needles, juniper trees, and pine trees (particularly ponderosa pines) before calving, (4) make sure your trace mineral and vitamin supplementation program is adequate, (5) prevent foothill abortion problems, and (6) maintain a sound vaccination program to minimize the chance of viral or bacterial abortions. Because calving problems often result

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