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Miranda Reiman, Certified Angus Beef

Livestock Industry Opinions
Feb 1, 2013
“Producers do put pressure on growth, since they get some of the benefit in added pounds at weaning,” he said. “Unfortunately, grade is often overlooked as folks think, ‘It’s not my problem.’” More than 70 percent of today’s cattle are sold on a grid or formula where quality is a key component.
Livestock Industry Opinions
Jan 25, 2013
“We sell to people who are going to cook product and please guests—they’re not buying for themselves and they’re not shopping for price,” says Mort Kent, U.S. Foods of Denver, CO. “They have a reputation to uphold and their customers expect consistency and quality, and they’re willing to pay for it.
Livestock Industry Opinions
Nov 16, 2012
I rode shotgun through a lot of drought-stricken pastures this summer and fall where producers weighed their options. Some folks had a few stores of hay saved up from good years. Some were going to cull a little deeper, while still others were making plans to rent some grass in the few places that were doing all right on moisture.
Livestock Industry Opinions
Oct 19, 2012
“We spend about 7 percent of our disposable income to feed our families,” he said. “In Europe they spend anywhere from 13 percent to 28 percent of their income. What am I getting at? One, we take food for granted. Two, it’s cheap. And three, we always expect it to be there.
Livestock Industry Opinions
Sep 21, 2012
I rode shotgun through some of Anderjaska’s summer pastures last Monday. As we looked at their commericial and registered Angus herd, the sky was gloomy. The clouds teased with a few sprinkles, but, like so many times this summer, moved along before offering reprieve.
Livestock Industry Opinions
Sep 14, 2012
Hitting 60 percent Choice won’t cut it. When premium Choice branded programs emerged, it was really something to get 15 percent or 20 percent that reached those marbling levels in commercial cattle. That’s when it was incidental production, or luck of the draw that landed those cattle in branded programs.
Cattle and Beef Industry News
Jul 27, 2012
But just a few decades later, many of those wildest imaginations are real. When the second of the Hanna- Barbara duo (the company that also created the likes of “Tom and Jerry,” “The Flintstones,” “Smurfs” and “Scooby- Doo”) died in 2006, Roombas were already cleaning floors while you were gone to work.
Livestock Industry Opinions
May 18, 2012
Students emerge from the school system ready to take on the world. Giving each one of them that chance was the impetus for the No Child Left Behind Act. The bill passed in 2001, meaning this year’s high school class spent most of its education course under the influence of what became a controversial law.
Livestock Industry Opinions
Mar 9, 2012
The articles that follow those zingers all explain different facets of the supply and demand equation. Beef prices are up because of a shrinking cowherd, accelerated by drought. Cattle prices are 25 percent higher than this same time a year ago, but can they stay there? That all depends on whether the consumer is willing to pay.
Livestock Industry Opinions
Sep 24, 2010
You may wonder what genetics has to do with herd health. Sure, the neighbor swears that cattle from this breed or that will die as soon as they get off the truck, but thats just an old wives tale, right? Maybe not. Although selection for health still might be only on the horizon, a growing base of research shows they are tied together.
Livestock Industry Opinions
May 21, 2010
The first step to reaching peak performance is tracking where youve been. If you dont have production numbers, its hard to make comparisons or data-driven decisions. You dont need to make a complicated recordkeeping system, just make sure it includes all the variables that make a difference.
Livestock Industry Opinions
Jan 15, 2010
When cattlemen trudge through four-foot snow drifts in 30-mile-per-hour winds and single-digit temperatures to check on a sick calf, it isnt exactly the same picture of serenity. At that moment, northern producers must think they must live in the toughest place in the world for raising cattle.

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