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Miranda Reiman, Certified Angus Beef

Livestock Industry Opinions
Aug 11, 2017
The day you make breeding choices, purchase bulls or buy bred heifers, marketing the calf crop begins. With those decisions in the rear view, it’s time to consider how to make the most of a great mating. Sale day for your spring-born calves grows closer as each day grows shorter, and that brings up weaning.
Livestock Industry Opinions
Mar 10, 2017
He thinks about decisions that will keep him profitable here and now, but the long-term goal isn’t to retire rich. The reason he invests money, time and brainpower into better genetics and management is to leave a cow herd and ranch that the next generation will want to own.
Livestock Industry Opinions
Nov 25, 2016
“Suppose we could only make 1 million cars. If the auto industry was limited for some reason, what would they do? Would they make small, cheap vehicles or big, premium, expensive cars?” An industry observer asked that question at a cattle feeders’ meeting this summer.
Livestock Industry Opinions
May 13, 2016
“I’ll just DVR it,” someone might say if they can’t make plans to be in front of the television when their favorite show or special report is scheduled to air. It’s become something of a verb, like suggesting you do an internet web search by “Googling it.

Livestock Industry Opinions
Mar 21, 2016
The charming voice and smooth lyrics of the classic song sure make being “unforgettable” sound like an awfully good thing. Even when applied to cattle, it certainly can be. There are those “bell ringer” groups that gain and grade. They never get sick and they earn premiums upon harvest.

Livestock Industry Opinions
Sep 25, 2015
But not everyone is so eager to put their farms or ranches—their lives—on display. Between calving and AI, haying and silage chopping, there is never an “off” season or a good time of the year to devote a day to visitors, not to mention to prep ahead of time.

Livestock Industry Opinions
Jul 17, 2015
File that under the “highly unlikely to ain’t-gonna-happen,” category, but stay with me. If every single backgrounder and cattle feeder decided they weren’t going to purchase “high risk” calves; if they refused to take unweaned, unvaccinated calves, that’s virtually what would happen.

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