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Livestock Industry Opinions

by WLJ
2012 January 6
Beef and cattle prices increased to new record levels in 2011 and are expected to push even higher in 2012. Several years of declining cattle inventories culminated in late 2011 with a projected 3 percent decrease in slaughter that combined with lighter carcass weights to result in 3.
by WLJ
2012 January 6
Many of us must have wells to provide water all or part of the year. The roads with so much traffic, the dust, the noise, the allnight noise and light and the vapors from tanks and pits keep parts of your property unusable far beyond the space fenced for drilling.
2011 December 30
Coming into a new year is always filled with optimism for a better year for many reasons. When it comes to Ag commodities, it would be hard to think of prices getting any higher.
2011 December 16
ThUnited Nations (UN) Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) issued a report suggesting that meat consumption is expected to increase 73 percent by 2050, just 38 years away. I guess we better get busy building our cow herds; if those numbers are right, we’ve.
2011 December 9
It looks like we may have popped the holiday beef bubble this last week. Cattle markets were roaring hot two weeks ago when fed cattle traded as high as $128 live and $208 dressed. Now, the buying interest is about $3-5 lower for last week. Cattle feeders certainly had to do well on those transactions.
2011 December 2
There are lots of options in today’s meat-consuming world and Whole Foods has worked hard to provide unique meat products for their customers. The store is very proud of their products, but not everyone can afford to shop there. They have just over 300 stores nationwide and have obviously done their demographic homework.
2011 November 25
The cattle industry has been wasting a lot of time, cash and political resources on several industry issues that are just unnecessary. I would hate to think just how many resources have been spent by the various Ag associations battling over the proposed Grain Inspection, Packers.
2011 November 18
The beef cutout has been awful strong for quite some time and these markets just seem to get a little higher all the time. Who would have ever thought that the cattle industry would be selling fed steers and heifers for $125 and having a hard time making it work?.
2011 November 11
GIPSA will still have to craft rules regarding the definitions of unfair practices, undue preference and unlawful discrimination to satisfy the farm bill language. This will come at a later date. If that portion of the farm bill language isn’t satisfied, US- DA could be open to lawsuits from activist groups.
2011 November 4
This Choice/Select spread has been an interesting market segment to watch the past few weeks. For quite some time, the value difference between Choice and Select cattle wasn’t much of an issue, it seemed like $2-5was the norm, with an occasional spike over $10.
2011 October 24
EPA was contemplating doubling the standards for dust and particulate matter in ambient air under the Clean Air Act. If they pushed forward with their new standards for dust levels, it would have been problematic for nearly everyone connected to agriculture and anyone who kicked up some dust driving down a dirt road.
2011 October 14
Along with the great sales, it finally rained through much of the state, with many areas receiving several inches of much needed moisture. The country started to show some signs of life and was starting to get a hint of green just over the few days I was there.
2011 October 7
One thing that opponents of the bills perhaps don't understand is that all three of those countries already trade with the U.S. on a mostly tariff free basis. While we've been waiting for Obama to get his political house in order, many of our competitors have been hatching their own free trade agreements with these countries.
2011 September 30
Looking through the very first issue, I noticed an interesting comment on the first page. Jon Knorpp, president of Southwest State Bank, said, "Meat has long been one of our most substantial food products, yet until recent years, little concerted...
2011 September 16
Congress typically pays little attention to agriculture but appears to all of a sudden be concerned over agriculture production after they reviewed USDA's World Agriculture Supply Demand Estimates (WASDE). The House Ag Sub-committee on Livestock, Dairy and Poultry held a hearing to discuss CROW.
2011 September 16
First let's define what ERTs are. This concept came about when Red Angus Association of America (RAAA) passed a strategic plan in 1994 calling for the adoption of 20 EPDs by the year 2000.
2011 September 9
Labor Day also signals the end of the summer and is the last big back yard grilling weekend. Reports suggest that beef sales over the holiday weekend were lighter than many market analysts had hoped. However, post Labor Day cattle markets appear to be stronger.
2011 September 9
Back at the ranch, some of the Dickinson Research Extension Centers small grain hay, which is winter-seeded triticale and hairy vetch, will yield almost 5 tons per acre. The soft dough is around 12.5 percent moisture. For typical dryland production, those are some big numbers.
by WLJ
2011 September 9
2012 Farm Bill discussions are well underway. In fact, I suspect words will begin to appear in writing a lot sooner than most of us originally expected. We are hearing that congressional leaders may begin drafting a farm bill this fall.
2011 September 2
It's time somebody gets a handle on the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and reins in this outfit. This is one of those government agencies that started with good intentions and has done a good service for the most part. However, over the past few years, CROW.

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