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Cattle and Beef Markets

2013 October 21
Last Thursday came with word that the government was back up and running. Politics and speculations of the future aside, this was a welcomed change from the market point of view. Finally there are official numbers on cattle sales and beef prices! However, the market party can’t start just yet.
2013 October 11
The continued government shutdown has lent more speculation to the cash markets. Asking prices, bids, and the fact it was another week of Friday trade were all easy to track. But expectations of where that Friday trade would eventually come in was all over the map, from “up” to “down” to “steady” predictions.
by WLJ
2013 October 11
The lack of federal government data collection has already impacted livestock markets. The impacts will grow exponentially if the situation persists for many more days. The most significant initial impacts are on business arrangements that base beef and cattle transactions on USDA price reports.
by WLJ
2013 October 4
The ingredients for the best winter wheat grazing opportunity in several years seem to be coming together this fall. Most all of Oklahoma has received significant rain in the past two weeks. The rain is sufficient, in most cases, to get wheat planted and up.
2013 September 30
The most recent Cattle on Feed report again had bullish surprises in the placements area. Analysts expected placements to be down, but what actually happened was a shock. Placement numbers inspire questions; are cattle being held back or do they exist at all?.
2013 September 27
The trend of a Friday trade continued last week; Packers might have done themselves a disservice in waiting as futures did nothing but strengthen throughout the week and they were said to have had short supplies of contract cattle around them. Analysts expected trade to take place late Friday at higher money compared to the prior week.
2013 September 23
Yet another week of “wait- ‘til-Friday” trade in the cash fed cattle markets. With larger show lists, a number of outside influences on the market, and the expectation of a late Friday-afternoon Cattle on Feed report, the theme was one of biding time..
2013 September 20
Production estimates were upped for both this year and next on increased bull and cow slaughter throughout this year. Estimates of 25.68 billon pounds (bp) of beef were set for 2013 and 24.23 bp for 2014. These are both below the production of 2012, but up from earlier expectations this year.
by WLJ
2013 September 20
Cash corn prices in the Texas Panhandle have decreased $2.00/bushel since July. While there is still some uncertainty about how big the new corn crop will be and just how low corn prices might go, there is no doubt that significantly lower corn prices will have a big impact on feeder price levels and feeder price relationships.
2013 September 16
Bids were slow to develop and were passed over out of hand by cattle feeders offering cattle at $3-5 above the Spartan bids. That said, analysts expected trade would develop at slightly depressed prices from the prior week of $123 live in the South Plains, and $194-195 dressed in the Corn Belt.
by WLJ
2013 September 13
Consumers visiting their local meat counter to purchase steaks and hamburgers for grilling over Labor Day weekend may experienced some sticker shock over the price of beef and thought cattle producers must be making a lot of money.
by WLJ
2013 September 13
The latest trade data for July provides additional indication that recent trends in U.S. and Mexican cattle and beef trade have changed dramatically. The 51 percent decrease in July imports of Mexican cattle, compared to last year, is a continuation of the change in Mexican cattle imports that has been happening for several months.
by WLJ
2013 September 6
The Expectations Index stood at 101.3 in July, down 0.6 percent from June and the lowest level in seven months. Despite the decline, each of the four expectations indicators stood above 100 for the seventh consecutive month, which indicates restaurant operators remain generally optimistic about business conditions in the months ahead.
2013 September 3
Cattle feeders’ reaction to the bullish Cattle on Feed (COF) report of holding firm on higher asking prices, and packers’ theoretic position of leverage with larger showlists and buying for a short kill week this week had the two parties on the sidelines of cash trade last week.
by WLJ
2013 August 30
By the second quarter of 2014 the projections are above the futures price by $10 per hundredweight. Gessner said these prices, combined with new crop corn and hay prices remaining lower than last year, suggest profit potential for calves backgrounded throughout winter.
2013 August 23
It seems the cash attention last week was on the feeder sales because negotiated cash fed sales were slow to “dead.” Very few bids and only tiny and sporadic sales had occurred by midweek. By Thursday afternoon only 4,679 head had been confirmed sold, making the volume too low for a market trend.

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